Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paul Pines is this week's featured poet on

Paul Pines is this week's featured poet on reading ten poems “Book III: The Cry of Merlin,” “Prayer Before Drowning,” “The Cry of Merlin,” “Café de la Parroquia,” “Remembering Sita,” “Rama’s Dream,” “A Word About the Sleep-Man,” “Sacred World,” “Christmas in Glens Falls,” and
“Medical Miracles.” is a weekly video of original poetry read by the poet. The videos run for not more than about five minutes, many less. Each featured poet's video remains on the site in the archive section, to be viewed at will. You never miss an opportunity to view all the poets. Poets appearing on the site offer a variety of styles and subjects. Each week is unlike the last. Enjoy. If you are a published poet we invite you to send a video. See the link on the site for details.

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