Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mindy Kronenberg

Mindy Kronenberg is this week's featured poet, reading "Stranger on the Road", "Plastic Surgery", and two other poems from her book, "Dismantling the Playground".

Just a reminder about the purpose of the site:
A weekly video reading of poetry by the poet. You can see poets from around the country reading a 2 to 4 minute poem(s), previous appearances are archived on the site for viewing at any time.

If you are a published poet who would like to submit a video, we welcome you. The video should be made on a “Mini DV Digital Video Cassette”, the reading should not exceed five minutes, the sound and focus must be of good quality; we will return the cassette if requested. We will edit the video for image and sound quality, and length. Please e-mail us with links to your publications, website, and other sites related to your poems ( Send your video to:, P.O. Box 634, Port Jefferson, NY 11777.

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