Friday, April 07, 2006 A Weekly Poetry Video.

A weekly video reading of poetry by the poet. You can see poets from around the country reading their poems in a 2 to 6 minute video. A different poet is featured every week, previous poets are archived on the site for viewing at any time.

Who does not like being read to once in a while? From childhood to adulthood it is nice to have a story or a poem read to you, especially when read by its author. That is what is about; a weekly video of a poet reading his/her poetry for about two to five minutes. All past appearances of poets are archived on the site for viewing any time. Vlogging, the amateur videoing of events and places, is an excellent medium for poetry.

I credit Steven Jobs, the creator of Mac computers, and Andrew Michael Baron, the creator of, with inspiring me and thousands of others to use video for entertainment and enlightenment. Steven Jobs included iMovie, an easy to learn video editing program, on every new Mac, and Andrew Baron showed what it takes to create a top quality video with very little money and equipment.

George Wallace and I joined to create one afternoon in my antiquarian bookshop on Long Island, NY. He knows many wonderful poets in the region and around the world and I like creating with my Mac computers. The partnership was formed in an instant and it has been going well ever since. We hope you enjoy what you see and hear.

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Blogger said...

Mario Susko is the featured poet the week of April 15. His poem is "Properties".

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